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We were thrilled to have received a Gold Award in healthy eating from Dudley Borough Council (Food for Health). They also told us that our large chicken fajita with guacamole counts as all 5 of your 5 fruit and vegetables a day. With healthy eating in mind, we held fun workshops with local schools where we shared both our fajita making skills (of course) and our healthy eating knowledge! 

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Overall we taught 120 children how to make our famous guacamole, as well as how to create their own fajitas packed full of healthy goodness. We had so much fun and it was a fantastic event. The children seemed to really enjoy the activities we ran, loved tasting our food and most importantly, learnt plenty about healthy eating. It was also a great chance for us, as a business, to show how Burrito Kitchen caters for all ages and is loved by all of the family.

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Fancy teaching your little ones about healthy eating? Come see us, our Burrito Artists will be happy to show you how fast food can be fresh, tasty and healthy as we continue in our mission to ‘change the face of fast food, one burrito at a time’.


The Burrito Kitchen Team

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