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The Burrito Boom

If you haven’t visited our Facebook or Twitter recently then you may have missed the fact that we were chosen out of over 40 food establishments in Merry Hill (including the global brands that are Nandos and KFC) to be the face of Westfield’s new food campaign ‘We Are Dining’. 

Burrito Artists

Merry Hill launches food extravaganza

As you can imagine we were pretty excited, articles like this just go to show that all  our hard work is starting to pay off and we just wanted to say thank you to all you guys, our loyal amigos, for coming and getting a taste of Mexico. We are in discussions with several new locations bringing us one step closer to fulfilling our dream of ‘burrito domination’.

FB Burrito 45

Our burrito artists work tirelessly to bring you tasty and authentic Mexican snacks – we are the first to arrive and the last to leave at night. Fresh takes time, but is worth it as long as you enjoy your burrito and keep coming back.

cooking 3

We promise we’ll be posting on here more often this year (a New Years Resolution we WILL be keeping) and you can look forward to new menu options to come and try in the very near future WATCH THIS SPACE BECAUSE WE’RE ON A MISSION…

What a great start to the nuevo año and thank you for joining us on our Mexican adventure!